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Neighborhood Business District Support Fund

Each year, Cincinnati's City Council approves funding for the Neighborhood Business District Support Fund (NBDSF) Program. The Program's objective is simple: to help neighborhood business districts grow and thrive. As our neighborhood business districts are the economic, social, and entertainment hubs of our neighborhoods, the program provides funds to each of Cincinnati's 34 recognized business districts.

The funds can be used at the discretion of each business district to fund projects to benefit the business district and neighborhood. Some examples of how NBD's have used money in the past include:

  • NBD Promotional Activities - Including marketing campaigns, brochures, NBD maps, or community activities/events to benefit the business district.

  • Physical Improvements - Including landscaping, flower pots, or other smaller-scale improvements and replacements.

  • Organizational Development - Including leadership development, volunteer recruitement, capital assets for community benefit, etc.

  • Collaboration between NBDs and Community Councils

To learn more about what may qualify and what does not, please find the GUIDELINES here.

2015 Fiscal Year

Under the fiscal year 2015 budget, Cincinnati City Council appropriated $4,800 to each business district. To receive funds, each eliglible neighborhood business district must fill out the application kit below. The packet below provides all the forms you need to propose projects. After you submit your proposal to the City's Program Manager, you will be scheduled to make a short, informal presentation at the next possible CNBDU meeting. While the City administers and provides funding for the program, CNBDU reviews and votes to recommend your proposal before funding is awarded. CNBDU is a coalition of volunteer business owners representing approximately 34 business districts in the City of Cincinnati and serves as the City's advisory group on neighborhood business districts development.

Program Training

If you missed the training, I have attached the materials here.

Liability Insurance

Each organization applying for NBDSF funds will need to provide their own insurance in order to contract with the City. If you plan to purchase the required insurance coverage using your 2015 NBDSF funds, please alert the City's Program Manager in advance. CNBDU can provides suggestions on appropriate insurance providers, or you can contact an insurance agent in your area about purchasing insurance that meets the City's criteria in the PDF here.

Proposal Review Schedule

Included in the packet below is the proposal review schedule.

Final Submission Deadline Review Committee Meeting Date Effective Date of Contract
August 4, 2014 August 8, 2014 8/8/14
September 8, 2014 September 12, 2014 9/12/14
October 6, 2014 October 10, 2014 10/10/14
November 10, 2014 November 14, 2014 11/14/14
December 8, 2014 December 12, 2014 12/12/14
January 5, 2015 January 9, 2015 1/9/15
February 9, 2015 February 13, 2015      2/13/15               
March 9, 2015 +March 13, 2015 3/13/15
April 6, 2015 ++April 10, 2015 4/10/15


The effective day of contract assumes that the contract proposal is approved at the CNBDU Review Committee meeting. +The last time to submit new contract proposals for 2015 is March 13, 2015. ++The last time to submit formal amendment proposals for 2015 is April 10, 2015.



Project Forms

Please make sure to download and save a copy of the PDFs below before filling out the form, as filling out the PDF through your web browser sometimes does not allow you to save the form correctly.  If you desire a Microsoft Word copy of the forms, just email the Program Manager and we'll be happy to send you that version!

Everything you need to apply: Proposal Forms Packet. Once you are finished with your projects, here are the forms needed for reimbursement: Payment Packet and Invoice. If you received the funds upfront, you just need to send in receipts, canceled checks, etc to prove that you spent the funds according to your proposal. Please organize all documentation by project. Finally, to close out all of your programs, fill out the end-of-year summary: Final Report Form

Program Administrator

Ross Patten,, 513.352.6232



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