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Cultivating the Innovation Mindset

Location: 441 Vine Street, Cincinnati OH 45202

Learn how to ask the right questions and implement the right strategies that lead toward explosive innovation.

Navigating Your Chamber

Location: 441 Vine Street, Cincinnati OH 45202

Make the most of your Chamber membership. This informative orientation session will help you learn about the many programs and services offered, and how to best tailor them to your business's needs. From education to networking, from savings on office supplies to government advocacy - help us help you get everything you can out of our services.

Data Security & Privacy

Location: 10078 Reading Road, Cincinnati OH 45241

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard about the recent credit card breaches. Sadly, such breaches are a regular occurrence these days, yet, companies don’t have to collect credit card data to risk negative hits to their bottom lines, corporate reputations, or both. Companies and organizations that collect email addresses, track activities on their website, and hire employees or contract with third parties to manage data can be susceptible to regulatory fines, civil law suits and/or damaged reputations. Listen to three professionals in the field, Sandy Hughes, retired after a career spanning 25+ years with Procter & Gamble, Jack Greiner partner at Graydon Head and Nick Vehr, president Vehr Communications as they discuss risks, tips and strategies.

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