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Advanced Energy

Historical advantages for future opportunities

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Cincinnati USA's leadership in technological innovation and manufacturing makes it a perfect location for new opportunities in advanced energy. With exceptional manufacturing capabilities, abundant natural resources, great market access, and demonstrated success in public-private partnerships, the region is quickly becoming a leader for the next generation of energy supply.

Additionally, Ohio agriculture, chemical, and industrial heritage has created new opportunities in biofuels, biomass solutions renewable specialty chemicals, and renewable polymers/plastics. Efforts in these areas are guided through Ohio's Third Frontier programs.

Ohio's Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) requires that 25 percent of Ohio electricity sales must come from advanced energy sources by 2025, with at least half of this from renewable sources, and half from sources located within Ohio.

Strong State Leadership
Ohio's strong commitment to advanced energy makes the state a leader in developing the new green economy of the future.

  • Ohio's Job Stimulus Program has authorized $150 million in grants and low-interest loans through 2011 toward advanced energy capital investments in either production facilities or manufacturing capabilities.
  • Ohio's Third Frontier Program has already invested over $100 million in advanced energy technology research and development since 2002, and is projected to provide $24 million in additional grants to advanced energy projects in the coming years.
  • The University Clean Energy Alliance of Ohio (UCEAO) has harnessed the strengths of Ohio's 15 research universities to identify and develop advanced energy research capabilities across several technology areas.
  • Ohio is leading the way in the development of "green collar" workers, providing employer incentives to grow the number of skilled professionals who deploy their talents in the emerging advanced energy industry and helping to create academic programs at the state's colleges and universities.

Educational Support
The region enjoys access to an array of educational institutions and programs that supports this growing field. The 300 colleges and universities within 200 miles of Cincinnati USA have an enrollment of more than 972,000, which collectively add more than 100,000 young professionals to the region's economy each year.

  • The University of Cincinnati's College of Applied Science has been instrumental in developing Cincinnati's industry and culture. Its co-op students and graduates continue to influence business and technology in the region, including advanced and renewable energy.
  • Wright State University and the University of Dayton are the first in Ohio to offer an advanced energy masters degree program to train the next generation of highly-skilled, green collar workers.
  • Cincinnati State Technical & Community College offers an Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology Renewable Energy major. This program was developed to address several related and growing industries, including photovoltaic electric panel manufacturers (also known as solar panels), wind turbine manufacturers, fuel cell manufacturers, photovoltaic and wind turbine installation and service, energy efficiency companies and consultants.

For more information about the region's advanced energy cluster, please contact the Cincinnati USA Partnership at 513-579-3182 or Cincinnati Economic Development Division at or 513-352-2499.



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