Advanced Energy
The City of Cincinnati supports a diverse group of industries, combining to create a dynamic and energetic economy.

Cincinnati Advanced Energy Industry

Cincinnati is an ideal location for businesses exploring opportunities in the advanced energy space.. Our city boasts exceptional manufacturing capabilities, abundant natural resources, unparalleled market access and demonstrated success in public private partnerships. These attributes have quickly made the Greater Cincinnati region a leader in the next generation of energy supply, including biofuels and renewable chemicals and plastics, led by the state’s Third Frontier Programs.

In commitment to the growth of Ohio’s energy resources, the states Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) requires that 25 percent of Ohio electricity sales come from advanced sources by 2025, with at least half from renewable sources located within Ohio.

Key Regional Attributes

  • Ohio provides employer incentives to grow the number of skilled professionals who utilize their talents in the advanced energy industry.
  • Ohio has a cluster of 60,000 specialized workers working directly in or supporting the advanced energy industry.
  • The Third Frontier Program has invest over $100 million in advanced energy technology since 2002.
  • Ohio is located within 600 miles of 39,495MW of new renewable energy capacity required by Renewable Portfolio Standards in neighboring states.

Did You Know?
The first electricity-generating wind turbine was invented in Ohio in 1888.